Our process

1.  Free consultation

First we meet with you on-site to discuss your current landscape’s needs and plans for any changes. Keep in mind that we are an environmentally friendly company and will strive to use products and practices that benefit the overall health of the sites we interact with. 


2.  Estimate and contract

Nate’s Living Landscapes will create a free estimate for you, the client, based on our walk-through. If you prefer, multiple estimates can be provided to divide up costs. A basic design sketch (which typically comes at no cost) will detail the specifics of a proposed project and help to visualize the final outcome.  If and when the pricing and project details outlined in the estimate are agreed upon, a contract will be created for both parties to sign. This contract, once signed by Nate’s Living Landscapes and the client, begins the next stage of our process.


3.  Installation

With both parties in agreement, the work begins! At this point, Nate’s Living Landscapes provides all equipment, materials, and services necessary to create a re-imagined and improved outdoor space for you. If you have any specific requests for when and how installation needs to takes place, Nate’s will work to meet or exceed your expectations every time.


4.  Walk through and follow-up

Once a project has been completed, we can walk through your property to inspect all of the services provided in detail. If something has not been carried out to your satisfaction, we will discuss how to fix the issues, then schedule follow-up work. Follow-up work will incur no additional costs to the client so long as it falls within the services found in our contract.


5.  Billing

For most of our landscape services, we will ask for 50% of the total cost up-front, unless a payment plan is agreed upon in writing. Any discounts will be subtracted from the second half of the amount owed to Nate’s, but will be based on the total cost of all services and materials used for that project. When all specified work has been completed, you will receive an invoice for the second half of the bill, sent either electronically or by mail (your choice). For example, if the total cost for a project is $2,652, and the discount is 10%, the final discount will be $265.20, applied on the second bill. In this case, the initial payment would be $1,326, with the second (and final) bill showing $1,060.80 due.


6.  Future projects

If you love what NLL has done for you, please think of us for future landscaping work and help spread the word about our service! We value our clients, and if you check the “News and Promos” section of this website, you will find that discounts and special offers happen regularly from May-September, including seasonal referral bonuses. So check our website often!