Front yard mixed perennials planting

For this project, two homeowners requested that their front yard be given a fresh start. There was a large, nearly empty mulched area that happened to be highly visible from the road with no healthy plants occupying it. After consulting with the homeowners to discuss their five year plan for the property, Nate’s Living Landscapes created a design that would fill in the empty spaces over time and feature a wide mix of perennials that all thrive on sunny, well-drained sites.

In three to five years, this yard will look very different than it does now: tall plumes of Korean feather reed grass and little bluestem will be offset by bright yellow coreopsis, deep magenta echinacea, and slow-spreading, low-growing blue chip junipers. In effect, this planting will give the entire front yard a more “finished” look and will attract pollinators from near and far. Nice!